(Re)introducing Rustic Supper

Nov 15, 2018

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My story begins in a small town in mid-Missouri. I grew up on a homestead, spending every day with my mother in the garden and tending to our livestock. Some of my fondest memories of childhood include picking strawberries, drying homemade pasta and canning vegetables.

Since I lived close to Columbia, I eventually made my way to the University of Missouri, where I graduated with degrees in Art History and Fine Arts. After working for some time in a local gallery, I then moved to Brooklyn to continue my career. I had a wonderful group of friends that were always down for a turned-up dinner party. It was during this time, as I began cooking more and more for my friends that I felt a reconnection to my roots (literally and figuratively), and decided that creating experiences for people through food and gatherings was my true calling. I followed this newfound passion and found myself in culinary school shortly after.

While I was a private chef, I admit I got spoiled. I was fortunate enough to work for people whom I adored and allowed my creativity to reign free. As I further developed my craft and personal philosophy, I decided it was time to form my own business and take full control of my talents. Of course, I named it Rustic Supper.

Under this new concept, I worked for high-end celebrities, hedge fund executives, and startups. I executed dinners everywhere from farms and warehouses to homes and offices. I had clients that I cooked for every day or every week for nearly eight years. I was having a blast. As I grew and had a daughter of my own, I yearned to give her the same type of upbringing that made me into who I am, and instilled the values that I hold so dear. I felt that, in order to do this, I needed to be around my own mother, and give my daughter, Virna, the chance to spend time with her grandparents. I ended up moving back to Columbia, where I now live happily with my family, and work proudly alongside Benjamin Hamrah as a chef at Peachtree Catering, which has given me another family entirely.

When I first created Rustic Supper, I was looking for an innovative experience to provide people with at their communal dinner table. It started out as a traveling private dinner that was minimalistic in style and focused on the deliciousness of fresh, locally-sourced food. As time has gone on, the name has stuck, but my direction has shifted. I am constantly evolving and all of the food that I make is a reflection of that. It’s only necessary that Rustic Supper itself evolves. This new brand and website is here to serve you and to become an avenue for me to explore this concept more by writing, developing and sharing my recipes with you, as well as my philosophy behind it all.

Though my love for the dinner party has not waned (if anything, it has amplified), I want an opportunity to lead you along through my creative pursuits and allow others to make my most loved dishes for their own home. Every craving, inspiration and memory I have seeps into every recipe or journal entry that I write. My food is meant to stimulate your senses and, most importantly, your soul.

Welcome to the new Rustic Supper, a collaborative journey where we get to grow, learn and craft meaningful experiences together. And the best part is we are just getting started!

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