Rustic Supper x Hempsley Christmas Recipe Collection

Dec 13, 2018

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As the Christmas season arrives, we are yet again tempted by countless sweets almost everywhere we go. It’s the time of year when grocery stores display their cookies by the front door(making them nearly impossible to pass up), and when hordes of people huddle together in coffee shops to enjoy their favorite warm beverages and baked goods.

In fact, while I was huddled in a coffee shop with my friend Kristen from Hempsley, we thought about how we could celebrate by providing some recipes on how to make your own treats and drinks in the comfort of your own home. We asked ourselves,“how can we use a holiday associated with unhealthy food as an opportunity to educate people about keeping their bodies in balance?” So we came up with these two recipes, Mulled Apple Cider and Peppermint-Coconut & Dark Chocolate Date Bites, to do exactly that. They are simple, delicious, and full of information on how the ingredients can benefit your health. And the best part? Hempsley is offering the mulled spice blend in their shop to make it even easier!

It took a lot of effort to bring these recipes to you, but it was worth it! There is nothing we love more than using food as a conduit to better understanding our bodies and, of course, our endocannabinoid system. If you end up treating yourself and your family with some mulled apple cider and date bites, we would love to know about it! Be sure to post all of your photos to social media and tag @hempsleyhealth and @rusticsupper so we can share it!